6/17/2019 - Back by Popular demand, MineCraft Java Server.  

6/12/2019 - Just got done setting up and re-cabling all the machines and there back online.  Running Backups to our Raid-1 Drive right now so they could be a little slow for a bit.  I will try to bring more Steam Servers online tonight.  Also tweaked all the CPU, GPU, And ASIC miners and the bitcoin is kicking ass.   If you want to get into BitCoin go to our BitCoin site.   www.axismininggroup.com   Please feel free to E-mail me anytime you want for suggestions, servers you would like to me add to our collection, if there's a broken link, etc... jonspatz@hotmail.com  Heck, You can e-mail me too and let me know if you like the system or not.. Those e-mails really lift my spirits and lets me know its all worth it.  Want to really help, Throw us a few bucks on GoFundMe to help pay for all the hardware, software, time, cash, etc.. that I spend on this side project.  I also updated the [ HARDWARE ] Section with actual pictures and actual specs on most of our machines.  We still have others but there not used in the Game side of things.

6/7/2019 - Moved Some Of The Web Features/Files to the new network.  I also have the Unreal Tournament/World Of Warcraft Server over too.  Were running on a 150/5 Connection at this time, All the forwards and place markers should be up and running in an hour or two, DNS servers move so slow..  Enjoy.

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