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6/12/2021 @ 2:04pm - Since were slowing down on the bitcoin stuff I decided to add Two more Game Servers.  Counter-Strike: Source and Counter-Strike v1.6.   Enjoy!  Got some more stuff listed for sale on CraigsList too.  I need to downsize on the unused equipment.

6/12/2021 @ 11:18am - Ok, All Games and Services are back online.   If you notice or find a problem Please Contact me using the "FEEDBACK" Button on the left.

6/11/2021 @ 8:31am - Well I really didn't get poop done yesterday, Decided to take a Mental Health day for myself.  I do have most of the network back up and running.  I should have all the game servers back online by the end of today god willing.  Knocked out 16 101 Gig CHIA POOL PLOTS in the past 24 Hours, so that add 1.6 TB to our netspace, That makes me happy. WoHoo!  Still need to get the other PowerEdge 1U Servers online so we can knock out another 16 Per Day to add 32 in total growth.  Hopefully that will let us gain a little on the netspace.  The problem is finding hard drive right now.   I am selling off some of my Bitcoin Equipment that I will no longer be using on (CraigsList).  Some NEW and USED Video Cards as well as Two Big ASIC Miners.  Check it out and let me know if interested.   As Always, Please know this is a HOBBY for me and I do what I can When I can.

6/10/2021 @ 8:14am - Well, we had a system failure last night.  I don't know if its from the heat or just too much workload on an i3 machine.  I am going to have to repurpose one of the T140 servers to take over its functions.  Their may be some outages later today but I don't think moving the Chia Pool Server to the other PowerEdge EMC should affect you guys at all.  So, Were making 15 Pool Plots per day right now for a total 1.5 TB growth Per Day.  Our Solo Server is pretty much sitting idle doing what it does best and making 2 Plots per day to add to our 28 TB already farming.  Go Chia Go!!!

6/9/2021 @ 9:34am - I got most of the Data Center work done yesterday, as of right now there should be no more interruptions with the services for what I still have to get done.  Yesterday I did a lot of Recabling and Installed Two new APC 1500vs UPS Systems to help with the power problems and Power Outages.  World Of Warcraft is still online and I hope to have Left For Dead I & II as well as Unreal Tournament Back online by tonight.  I am going to be setting up another CHIA POOL PLOTTER and hopefully get the T140 PowerEdge EMC back online tonight.  I will take some updated Pictures when things look better, Right now there's cables and parts everywhere.  Enjoy!  Hope you like the new Landing Page with Direct Links I did this morning too.

6/8/2021 @ 9:09am - Ok, World Of Warcraft is now back online to stay at its new location.  I am hoping to have the other game servers back online before the end of today if time allows. Enjoy!

6/7/2021 @ 7:07pm - Well, I am going to do some re-cabling and moving of the USB hard drives in the data center.  I need to balance power upstairs for the addition of a Window Air Conditioner.  Their may be some service interruptions but they will be brief.  I would say under 1 Hour.

6/7/2021 @ 10:48am - Our Comcast Business Internet & Phone were off today from 5:19am to 9:30am,  Network Problem which has been fixed and we are back online.  Please excuse the outage.

6/6/2021 @ 1:27pm - Added Trade Wars 2002 to our lineup.  (Telnet)

6/6/2021 @ 12:43pm - Added the HTML Game FUNERAL QUEST

6/6/2021 @ 12:27pm - Updates going Slow, Had to shut game servers off temporally because of Chia-Pool requirement and its just too darn Hot in the data center till I get the Window A/C Installed.  Its currently 88 Degrees Outside and 106 Degrees in the attic right now.  Got to keep the money makers on and sacrifice the game servers, Not worth burning up the hardware.  Hopefully I will get it installed today.  Nothing ever goes according to plan or on my time table.  [ HARDWARE ] Page Updated.

6/5/2021 @ 4:02pm - Setup a new CHIA SOLO Server and moved the offline games to there.  So, As of Right now Left 4 Deal I & II, Unreal Tournament 2004, And World Of Warcraft are now back online.  I took them offline a few days ago to rework a machine.  Hopefully I will get some attic work done tonight that needs to get done and put the Window Air Conditioner up there because its over 100 Degrees now, Don't need hardware failure.

 6/3/2021 @ 12:28pm - We have decided to partner with www.chia-core.com for CHIA pooling.  We are currently adding about 24 Plots per day to the Pool for a total of 2.5 TB Per Day.  I am hoping to Bring the other PowerEdge servers online today.

5/31/2021 @ 11:56am - Moved the SteamCMD and World Of Warcraft servers over to a faster machine.  They are online and working now.

5/30/2021 @ 12:07pm - Our CHIA Pool Server is now online and generating Plots.  Trying to Go more GREEN and ENERGY EFFICIENT Here.  Also listed a bunch of stuff on CraigsList to sell that I am not going to be using anymore.

5/29/2021 @ 7:55am - We changed VOIP Services so aXis Computers & Communications now has a different phone number.   (484) 665-3785

5/28/2021 @ 9:17pm - I had to shutdown some of the mining servers because its just too darn hot upstairs in the datacenter right now.  This will not affect the normal website just our mining operations.  Going to have to find a decent, low energy draw, window A/C for up there soon before summer actually hits.  Ahh, the joys of running a cryptomining/datacenter in the summer time.  The one machine kept rebooting for some reason (probably heat) since its 98.8 Degrees up there right now and that with an outside air temp of 61 Degrees and three fans blowing air in and out the windows.  I will keep ya posted...

5/24/2021 @ 4:29pm - Doing a lot of CHIA upgrades.  This should not affect the normal operations of the site but speeds could be a little slower then usual because of network traffic.  Please let me know if there are any game servers you would like me to add to the system.  jonspatz@hotmail.com

5/21/2021 @ 11:04am - I decided to start listing some overstock on Craigslist.  You can see it [ HERE ].

5/16/2021 @ 10:29pm - Well I have a basic MAME Rom set now available in the MAME FTP Section, Still getting the CHD's together for you all.  Been getting a lot of attic work done and bringing machines online.  I am going to start focusing more on the CryptoCurrency end of things here like CHIA & DOGE Coin mining and less on the Video Games/Emulation side.  I have to go with what makes money to pay the bills.  Hope you all understand but you will see a shift in how things are being done here.  I am going to look into starting my own CHIA POOL FARM as well once the new 1.1.6 update is released.  I really want to start making more YouTube content as well which I think I can start pretty soon once the attic is finished up.  Enjoy...

5/10/2021 @ 12:03pm - I am going to start working on our YouTube Channel again, Lots of project going, please hang in there...

5/6/2021 @ 9:29pm - The MAME area is on hold due to other projects.  I will be getting a new romset...

5/4/2021 @ 12:37pm - Started a CryptoCurrency page to help others earn passive income with Bitcoin, Doge, Chia, and others....

5/3/2021 @ 6:50pm - Unreal Tournament 2004, Left for Dead One & Two, and World Of Warcraft are now back online on their own Dedicated Server.  Enjoy.

5/3/2021 @ 9:50am - Just wanted to announce that we run ALL DELL Equipment.

5/2/2021 @ 9:57am - Game Servers are currently offline.  Wildcat BBS and FREEFLIX is Online.  I am moving data to a different server and using most of the networks resources for Cryptocurrency Mining.  They will return eventually along with the MAME stuff which just needs to be copied to the other hard drive.  I apologize for all the changes over the past 2 months but I am taking things more towards what makes money for the system/network and away from all the leeches.  I am sure you understand.  If people would DONATE we would not have to do this...

4/30/2021 @ 8:22am - We are in the process of returning the MAME areas to the website.  New login information required....

4/28/2021 @ 10:28am - Our backup network is now 50/5 Megs for increased speed.  Working on getting more stuff online and the return of the MAME FTP.

4/27/2021 @ 9:52pm - We are now mining DOGE COIN with UnMineable!

4/25/2021 @ 10:18am - I got Unreal Tournament 2004 and Some SteamCMD Games online like Left 4 Dead one and two.  Enjoy...

4/24/2021 @ 8:30pm - Well I got the one machine totally reloaded, updated, and working.  As of right now the websites, e-mail, World Of Warcraft, Free Flix, and WildCat BBS are 100% Online and working.  We have some of the CPU/GPU Miners up and running for our crypto mining operations.  Still got a lot of work to do but its coming together.  Slow & Steady Wins The Race, Or so they say...

4/24/2021 @ 12:17pm - I pretty much took everything offline to restructure the setup and network.  Please check back frequently to see what's coming back to the system.  With the flux of cryptocurrency we had to redo our systems to expand more into hard drive mining and away from the crazy prices of GPU's right now.   EVERYTHING is getting a fresh format & reload and facelift.   Also, whoever is trying to hack my facebook and cryptoaccounts you can stop I have 2FA and 3FA installed on ALL my wallets.  Your just wasting your time...  I run this as a business and need to focus on what puts money in my family's pocket not the status of a error on a Trade Wars 2002 Server..  Just my 2 cents...